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jade: life vs death

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part 1

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jade being around dead things her whole life so she fills it with life!!!

okay so. before gpa harleys death and their arrival to the island, it had a lot more plant life

but after a while (and not at all aided by various guns..)...

theres barely and plant life left besides the giant lilies artificially grown through seismic waves or however it works, and grass thats grown over evvery smaller island in the atol (? idk it looks like an atol but its like…. a meteor strike? so idk what youd call is)

and even in the isolation of her house/tower shes surrounded by so much death and life!!

right above her room lies the preserved remains of an alternate version of a beloved pet, and her dreamself who is the same as her but slightly different and dead and stuffed right above where she would lie asleep and dream (and in those dreams her dreamself would not yet have died trying to save someone shed longed to talk to her whole life)

and in the rooms below there is the memorabilia from jakes hunting days before he made the mistake of letting a baby dual wield some flintlock pistols

including himself.


this is also ballanced out by all the life thats stuffed into the tower!

in the rooms jade spends her time in, shes filled them up with plants and stuffed toys and machines AND STUFF SHES INTERESTED IN.

which is a stark contrast to the grey monotony of grandpa harleys dead mummies and knight figgures (and mounted corpse)!!!

and ive reached the image limit but i could go on and on about the visual stuff thats in homestuck lol

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#meta#jade#oooh yes#also the very specific contrast of stuffed TOY animals to be played with and mounted posters of anthros to spark imagination#vs stuffed and mounted dead animals as reminders of past times#living and growing up high in a globe vs a stuffed corpse play-living way down in a room filled with globes#plus the spiraled light/dark columns#that pretty clearly recall her aspect symbol i think#reaching all the way from the bottom up through her garden#soooo much of jade’s early arc is about the push/pull between witch of space/seer of time tbh#seeing oracular clouds in her dreams from a doomed moon but struggling to stay awake and be active on her living growing island#even as those visions genuinely are really useful and important to her#struggling to assert her agency over her dreamself and bec as symbols of time and space respectively#them getting combined in the form of her sprite that’s SUPPOSED to be her mystical guide to creating a new universe#that she cusses out for being overly passive and useless!#and for bec’s act of prototyping himself being both wildly counterproductive to the game but also narratively imperative#and making her lonely. anyway#it’s why jade’s godtiering is one of if not THE most narratively satisfying ones in hs imo#it resolves a really significant arc in a meaningful way#oh wait and. stuffed corpses of her dreamself and bec’s ectobiological parent having been standing literally over her the entire time#until she does save them in a way by uniting them through herself#and she gets to skaia above them and can fucking fly now. good for her

^ you are so right about this btw...

part 2

original post (tumblr): https://tt-squid.tumblr.com/post/707759670194061312/metajadegrandpa-harleysomething-really

* was originally split into two posts bc of tumblrs image limit on mobile

* slight mention of suicide?

the guns that were used by jade (debatedly) to kill grandpa harley:

remain next to jades bed

and theyre not even her default weapon!!

jades default weapon is a singular gun used in rifelkind, though she also posesses a harpoon gun which you would think? would be classified under harpoonkind and therefore not be able to be used by jade without an extra card BUT WHATEVER!

(theres something that could be said about keeping guns next to your bed while living completley alone on an island but that something to talk about another time lol)

and on that topic of jade and guns...

(jades pesterlog with tavros later on in the comic re: gpa harleys death)


GG: maybe you'd told me what happened when i was younger?
GG: i spent years wondering about it!
GG: when i was REALLY young, i was sure the doll sitting across from him did it
GG: and for a long time i was terrified of the evil blue girl!!!
GG: she sort of haunted my childhood and i had trouble sleeping for a long time
GG: but of course i got older and realized that was silly, but then i just speculated that maybe it was suicide
GG: which was just a really sad thing to think about!!!

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#meta#jade#grandpa harley#something really interesting going on wrt#jade being raised to join the daughters of eclectica as one of her grandpa’s blue ladies on his posters/dolls#and dual pistols being jake’s signature weapon not jade’s#though at the time of death she held the pistols and he held a more rifle-like gun#and the confusion over whether the doll did it or she did it or her grandpa did it or tavros (another page) did it#or ig if bec did it. as a creature that is not yet jade but comes to be part of her#she’s still struggling to define herself as something discrete at this point in her narrative#it’s only later that she can be truly everything without contradicting herself <3

life and death/light and dark meet echother in the middle and combust like dark and light matter